Jan. 23 council meeting AKA The Flash

Well, Burnaby, it was a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ kind of evening at the city council meeting. I swear, Mayor Derek Corrigan must’ve been an auctioneer in a past life.

“Aaaand we’ve got UBCM membership dues, UBCM membership dues going once, going twice – sold to the lovely lady in the hat!”

It was something like that, anyway.

The highlight of the evening was definitely the finery at tonight’s meeting. Mayor Corrigan sported a lovely burgundy and gold coat in honour of the Lunar New Year and Coun. Paul McDonell wore a scarlet one. None of the other councillors dressed up but I have to say, it made for better TV than the usual array of suits. But I should be completely open here – I’m a big fan of colour and ostentation, and would wear costumes to work if it wouldn’t be off-putting for my sources (this is your cue to tell my editor that you’d have no problem being interviewed by a woman in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume, people.)

Beyond the fashion show, council passed everything on the agenda in a flash.

The community policing committee’s workplan for 2012 passed – the committee is focusing primarily on public awareness this year, according to Coun. Pietro Calendino. This could include reaching out through social media, among other things.

The Business Watch program has expanded to southwest Burnaby on a trial basis for six months (began in December). The committee is also considering introducing a Community Safety Officer position.

Committee, commission, etc., members were approved for the year, as were a series of contracts with the city, including sewer and waterworks, food services, and janitorial.

Family Literacy Day was proclaimed by the mayor, to be held on Jan. 27.

There will be a court of revision to hear appeals on local area services and sewer assessment rolls on Mar. 7.

The Giro Di Burnaby will take place again this year on July 12. Woot! Coun. Paul McDonell said something about the Vancouver race being back on – Tour De Gastown lives again!

Twelve projects by the parks, recreation and cultural services department were approved for funding, totalling $2.3 million.

Coun. Sav Dhaliwal asked that a letter be sent to the B.C. Government regarding the end of the HST, I think he wants the date moved forward. Sorry – my sound cut out just then so I can’t be sure, But that’s the impression I got.

Coun. Paul McDonell asked that a presentation on how to handle doctors (i.e. what to ask, wait times, etc.) be linked on the City of Burnaby website.

As far as bylaws go, a number passed first reading – mostly fee increases from the last meeting. Some capital works projects, and a bylaw on subdivision fees.

For third reading, an amendment allowing two units at 4603 Kingsway to be used for a post-secondary college (Alexander College) was passed, as was a skysign for FortisBC at Willingdon Park.

A bylaw to close certain portions of highway in the city, and three city roadwork construction projects received final adoption.

One bylaw was abandoned – to develop two car dealerships at 4451 Still Creek Drive, but it was replaced by another bylaw at the last meeting.

And that was it – 35 minutes of Burnaby fun and excitement. I couldn’t blog and tweet at the same time, but you’ve got the highlights here.

Now for my evening parenting tip – if you try to put your child to bed with a lullaby, do not use The Muppets’ Mahna Mahna. They will not settle down. And your blog posting time will be delayed.

Thank you. Till next week.


About East of Boundary

I'm the civic affairs and business reporter for the Burnaby NOW. I also write about transit and Metro Vancouver. This is my personal blog on issues relating to Burnaby.
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