Election Day tomorrow

Hopefully this blog, and the Burnaby NOW, has given you a greater understanding of the candidates and issues in Burnaby this election.

We’ll be on the road tomorrow – Jennifer Moreau is at the Burnaby Citizens Association’s campaign headquarter while I’m over at TEAM Burnaby’s headquarters – but you can check the NOW‘s website, Twitter account (@BurnabyNOW_News) and the Burnaby NOW Facebook page for Burnaby election updates and stories throughout the night. Coverage starts at about 8 p.m.

I’ll also be in touch with the Green and independent candidates, while Jennifer will be covering the Burnaby Parents’ Voice.

I’ll be tweeting results and such from my Twitter account, @janayafe under the hashtag #bbyelxn.

Our cohorts, Alfie Lau and Theresa McManus, will be covering the New Westminster election, so check the Royal City Record, the Record’s Twitter account (@TheRecord) and the Royal City Record Facebook page for their stories and updates.

Let the voting begin (well, in less than 24 hours)!


About East of Boundary

I'm the civic affairs and business reporter for the Burnaby NOW. I also write about transit and Metro Vancouver. This is my personal blog on issues relating to Burnaby.
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